Not a risk

There’s a big row brewing here over a case this week where the police in conjunction with prison authorities decided to wait three days before informing the public that a vicious murderer had escaped from prison. Why the delay? Well, the prison authorities told the police they didn’t think he was much of a safety risk. Hmmm, let’s see: violent murderer who after the act returned to the body to mutilate it and he does a runner; I don’t think you need psychological profiling to know that equates to a strong chance of possible danger to the public and for the fuzz and the screw to say otherwise indicates sheer incompetence coupled with utter disregard for public safety. And I am wondering why the hell a convicted murderer was allowed out on a work release scheme anyway? What’s the betting no-one in officialdom will get so much as a reprimand or written warning on their record for this?