More employers victimise bloggers

Very sad to report that in the last week I have had emails from different people who have had trouble from their employers over their personal blogs – hard to believe that employers will search online and then use information gathered in a deliberate attempt to fire people, even when they have not mentioned the company or named anyone who works there. If you haven’t mentioned any of these identifiers than how can any employer claim their reputation could be harmed? More likely their reputation will be harmed by an subsequent exposure of their disgusting acts. Some employers are simply bullies who seem to think they can treat workers in any way they see fit, tramples over their rights and invade their private lives too. You’d think no matter how stupid they were they would consider how badly such actions can backfire on them and their public image. Jenny here is the latest sad example of such blatant bullying and misuse of power. I hope she takes the bastards to an industrial tribunal and shames them for their blatant abuse.