Save the Caley Sample!

I meant to post on this a few days ago but it was taken off my mind by other events. When my drouthy cronie Gordon and I repaired to the Caledonian Sample Room recently we heard that the Caley Sample (the pub, not the excellent brewery along the road) was in serious danger of closing. This is a huge blow to we beer-bellied real ale drinkers of the Lothians as it is a mecca for us and for me and Gordon it is a really low blow because it also happens to be our favourite drinking hole in this side of the galaxy. If the Caley does go the Gorgie-Dalry-Polwarth triangle in Edinburgh loses a great place. Sure there are other bars nearby, quite a few of which I like drinking in and a couple aren’t bad for proper beer (like the Golden Rule) but the Caley Sample is one of the best places to go and enjoy a really well-served pint of Deuchars IPA or Caledonian 80.

I like my favourite local and I like the friendly staff and I like the way they pour the locally-brewed fabulous beer properly and the barmaid will slip out a bowl of dog biccies for Gordon’s pooch Bruce and I like the occassional music gig (Thin Lizzy tribute band a couple of weeks ago!! Rock on!). Anyone have a good idea how to save the Caley Sample Room then? Other than regular topless nights, which was my idea but didn’t float (yeah, I was slightly drunk at the time but in all honesty I’d probably have suggested that when sober too, so can’t blame the ale).