My web-colleagues and I at work have been toying with the idea of adding to the new-look FPI blog with a podcast recently and after listening to my mate Chris in Michigan’s regular comics podcast at the Collected Comics Library we thought, let’s have a bash. It is pretty short and only features my colleague Paul (he of Jet City Rednecks fame) and myself, but we thought it was worth posting up for a start to try out the idea. Paul is our RPG fiend at Forbidden Planet and talks about some upcoming new gaming systems while I talk about, yup, you guessed it, books and graphic novels it’s now up here.

I’m now going through that almost instinctive shudder most of us get when we hear our own voice being played back – in my head I think ohhh, that was good, sounds like Frasier Crane mixed with a Scottish Cary Grant. Then I hear it and think oh there’s a big dump of Rab C Nesbit in there… But I think most of us hate hearing our own voices played back. Except politicians of course.