Where to now?

Quick candid street shot on the Royal Mile, a young tourist couple looking at their guide book for ideas of where to visit next in Edinburgh. The Mile is incredibly busy now with visitors, but nothing compared to what it will be like come August and the Festival. And yes, I am still on a bit of a black and white photo kick at the moment, started off using it for architectural shots then decided I quite liked the way some street scenes looked in monochrome. I don’t know why but I love capturing un-posed street scenes, I think it appeals to my sense of using photography mostly for ‘honest’ purposes (ie I don’t rework them in Photoshop, usually what you see is what I saw, including monochrome shots – if its in B&W I shot that way, it wasn’t in colour then grayscaled afterwards, I think that gives a ‘flat’ result) and my Gonzo Photographer ethos of not setting up shots and settings much but mostly shooting quickly from the hip at whatever catches my eye; not everyone’s way of doing it (some prefer methodical set ups of framing, lighting and settings, I’m more of a spontaneous kind of person in this as in writing), but its how I work with my camera and I enjoy it. And with 31, 000 views on my Flickr stream I assume some other folks must like some of them too.

where next?