The wonderful adventures of Morgan M. Morgansen

I love these two short films with Lexy Hulme and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a delightful mixture of live action, montage and animation to create a whimsical, charming, turn of the century, semi steampunk feel to them, with lovely little references to early magical moments in cinema like Melies’ Voyage Dans la Lune, with a voice over that uses Lewis Carroll levels of silliness and cleverness combined. Wonderful. (via Tor)

One thought on “The wonderful adventures of Morgan M. Morgansen

  1. Hello there – you featured a link to the short film Morgan M Morgansen on the website. I just wanted to link you to the two latest versions (the first film you linked and its sequal) and a documentary produced describing the thinking and process that went on behind the film.

    (Morgan 1)
    Morgan M Morgansen’s Date with Destiny

    (Morgan 2)
    Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date – The Zeppelin Zoo

    Morgan Documentary
    (Part 1)
    (Part 2)

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