The Planets Shone on Edinburgh

Walking home from a friend’s theatre event earlier this week, turned the corner on the Mound, to find this fabulous visa: the Church of Scotland Assembly Buildings, Edinburgh Castle, and above them, mighty Jupiter, king of planets, and below it, Venus, shining incredibly brightly over these historic landmarks.

The Planets Shine On Edinburgh

Sadly coming from the theatre, I wasn’t carrying my tripod – I braced the camera against a post to try and steady it for this rough and ready night shot, just to try and capture that incredible moment. You can also see Jupiter and Venus in this quick shot taken a few moments earlier on the Royal Mile (again bracing camera against a post, so not as good as if I had the tripod with me, but needs must…) – on the far left of the picture, you can see them clearly, shining above the ancient buildings of the Royal Mile.

Royal Mile After Dark

I do love living here, I love the incredible sights the city often offers up, by light of day or by the night, winter or summer, but even after all these years living in Edinburgh, this grand, old dame can still surprise me with a sudden, magical sight that just makes you stop, takes the breath away, leaving you forgetting about the world and worries for a moment to just drink in a wonderful visual feast.