Ten years of the Woolamaloo

Just realised I totally missed my own tenth anniversary – the Woolamaloo Gazette traces its roots back to a satirical email spoof newsletter I sent out at college parodying current events and culture in the early 90s (when the internet was still the internet and not even the web yet) and the name stuck when I started blogging in early April, 2003. I was just looking back through that month’s posts and I see multiple discussions of books, from history to science fiction, from Richard Morgan’s then brand new novel to a chat with Iain Banks who ¬†at the time had just told me his next book was non fiction, a book about whisky (and for once he was delighted to do the research needed for his writing!), there was a lot of movie talk, discussion about work and a large chunk of satirical posts about then current political events. Ten years of the Blog They Couldn’t Hang – and oh boy, did some rather unpleasant people (who I still think had their own agendas for their nasty actions) try to hang it and me, but it backfired on them in spectacular fashion, and deservedly so (with no small amount of thanks to many people who supported me during that upsetting period). So over ten years of the Woolamaloo Gazette as a blog and over twenty since I first coined the name for those satirical newsheets I emailed around the college and to friends in other institutions. Feels odd but also a little satisfying.

3 thoughts on “Ten years of the Woolamaloo

  1. It was that incident with a certain bookseller brought me to your blog, I liked it, so I’m still here!

  2. Like pete, it was the business with Tw@erstones which first brought me here. You’ve been going a couple of months longer than I have. It’s sometimes a bit of a strain keeping it going, but perhaps you too are maintained by the thought that if you didn’t have this you’d be reduced to inchoate character-limited ranting on Twitter.

  3. thanks, guys, glad you are still reading! And Judge, yeah, I enjoy using Twitter – quite handy for some stuff (like showing new photos I just added to my ever growing Flickr) – but still like the blog where I can sit and pen much more if I want to

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