British Summer Time

I shot these the day the clocks went forward to British Summer Time

Ah, nothing like being by the beach in British Summer Time, eh?!

Haar had come down, the sea mist meant you couldn’t see very far, and the wind was driving cold, grey waves to smash into the sea wall by the promenade at Portobello, splashing right up and over the prom – you had to time your walk past to avoid being drenched.

Memories of summer

Some memories of last summer, found some pics from the summer months I hadn’t processed and uploaded yet and the dark nights of winter seemed like a good time to post up some images from the sunnier days (yes, we do get the odd sunny day even in Scotland). Here’s a very bright, sunny day on the busy promenade at Portobello (Edinburgh beach front area of town), serving up lovely, cold ice-cream on a hot day right by the beach:

ice cream at the beach 01

Sailing off the coast of North Berwick last summer, just passing the harbour mouth:

sailing at North Berwick 07

Sailing past the islands of the Firth of Forth by North Berwick on a bright but breezy day:

sailing at North Berwick 02

Bright day, glowing sky, just a few, fluffy clouds over the estate at Penicuik House – the country house itself is slowly being renovated decades after a fire gutted it, this building is actually the remodelled stables the family moved to after the fire:

Penicuik House 06

Colourful summer: foxgloves on the country walk through the estate to Penicuik House:

memories of summer 02

All the fun of the fair

Nice, sunny afternoon, pal decided to get the hood down on his old MG and go for a run up the coast, we ended up in Burntisland in Fife for a short stop, wandered through the wee funfair, sudden rush of childhood memories – if we came back this way when I was a kid my mum and dad couldn’t get past here without me spotting it and a stop off would normally ensue. Nothing huge at it, but when you’re six it’s fun!:

Burnt Island funfair 01

Burnt Island funfair 02

From a distance we thought this was a helter-skelter, but when we got closer we realised it wasn’t a slide spiralling down the tower, it was a track and wee cars ran down it. How the heck did they get up to the top though? We watched and it turned out the cars went right up inside the tower – kids get in them, it enters then flips up so it is sitting on it’s backside and goes up vertically with the passengers lying on their back, then at the top it emerges, flips back to horizontal and starts its spiral downwards, looked fun.

Burnt Island funfair 03

Burnt Island funfair 04

and here’s a short video of the ride in action: