Snow White – the sequel

Via Cartoon Brew comes a link to this Snow White – the Sequel animation by Picha, with narration by none other than the wonderful Stephen Fry (the whole thing is on YouTube in eight parts). Apparently made in 2007 according to CB but not widely released (first time I’ve come across it, I must say), its NSFW and a little naughtier perhaps than the original Snow White, although to be honest I always wondered in that one just what this young girl was doing alone in a home with seven all male dwarves…

Fry in America

Seems to be something of an American media theme this last few days, no doubt prompted by the presidential circus, but as it means we get the national treasure that is Stephen Fry with a new show, “Stephen Fry in America“, as he crosses the United States in a London taxi cab (not his own one which he so famously drives around here in Blighty though). I had no idea he was almost born in the US when his father was offered a job at Princeton but he turned it down. Hard to think of Fry as American, he seems to quintessentially British – I mean Twinnings got him to advertise their tea, he cooks on an Aga and gives a wedding present to Prince Charles. All of which might have made him annoying except he seems such a lovely bloke, fiercely intelligent and very funny and self depreacting with it. America’s loss was our gain.