Sounds good too

From experimental innovations by musician Evelyn Glennie to straightforward heavy metal, rock’n’roll. Took my mate Vegar’s recent advice and treated myself to a copy of Contraband by Velvet Revolver. He was spot on the money when he said it was just straightforward heavy rock of the old school variety – no fancy tricks, not pretending to be some cutting-edge new wave, just honest-to-Zarquon rock and roll as you’d expect from some of the better elements of G’n’R and Stone Temple Pilots (who my chum Stephanie in Florida, currently picking up pieces after Hurricane Charley tell me are awesome live). After being forced to sit through the dreadfully dull, sub-Spinal Tap warblings of the Blandness – sorry, the Darkness – this was just what I needed and in no time I was in classic rock pose – feet as far apart as possible, crotch out – and air-guitaring my little, black heart out. Bloody brilliant – good call by the V-Man. Now, where did I put my leather and lace? And can someone give me a hand to get those multi-buckled biker boots on? I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday. But most days I settle for coffee and a muffin. Mmmmm, muffin….