First snow

Coming round the south side of Arthur’s Seat this afternoon I could see out towards the Pentland Hills on the edge of southern, suburban Edinburgh and oh look, the first snow I have seen this winter (although I know there’s been some up in the Cairngorms already). Ironically the snow stopped before the part of the hills over a little to the right of this pic where the dry ski slope centre is 🙂 Actually although a little cool it was actually not a bad day either, mostly sunny, no wind, but the previous two days and nights were cold and very wet, so I assume the cold rain must have turned wintery over the hills. Sure there will be more of this in the next few months!

first snow on the Pentlands

Update: the Guardian’s Edinburgh blog has linked to this pic on my Flickr in a post.

Spring time in Scotland

It’s, Scotland, it’s Easter, it’s spring time… So, plenty of snow then… Walking in the Pentlands today, snow left from the dreadful weather earlier this week which dumped snow over a lot of Scotland and storms that have made a mess of a lot of bits of the coastline. Some of it has melted away but in the Pentlands on the edge of Edinburgh it’s still lying there, from light dusting on some spots to seriously deep snow in other spots, coming up our shins almost to our knees.

snowy Pentlands 01

Walking up the hill the skyline gave a great effect, making it look like the clouds were rising up from below the horizon:

snowy Pentlands 07

snowy Pentlands 011

Walking through snow is tiring, time for a breather; this also means time for Bruce the dog to scrounge a biccie from his master:

Gordon and Bruce on snowy Pentlands 02

You can see Edinburgh spread out in the background here (click for the larger version on Flickr):

snowy Pentlands 012