Lord of the Strings

Lindsey Stirling’s violin medley of music from the soundtrack of the magnificent Lord of the Rings films is simply superb – from the beautiful airs of the songs to the more martial theme of the horse lords that stirs up the blood for a cavalry charge against the Orcish hordes…

And on a non musical note, Lindsey herself is incredibly cute and Elfin.

Gondor in Edinburgh?

Dear readers, after some serious field research by your dutiful Woolamaloo Gazette editor I have found hard evidence that Tolkien’s Kingdom of Gondor was once on the spot where Edinburgh now sits. Which is why, braving snowstorms, I found the White Tree of Gondor in the West End of Edinburgh and reproduce here for you the visual evidence. I only hope the current alleged heir to the Stewart throne, the so-called Prince Micahel Stewart of Albany, supposedly a descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie, doesn’t see this as a sign that it’s time for the Return of the King. Coz he’s a wee short Belgian bloke and that wouldn’t be quite the same as Aragorn for a monarch now, would it?