Knife juggler

The Edinburgh Festival may still be a few weeks off yet, but already the always busy with tourists Royal Mile has street performers entertaining them (when the Fringe is on the pedestrianised area is used officially as an incredibly busy spot for performers to give a taste of their shows and promote themselves). I passed this young lad doing some very cool knife juggling on the Mile last night on the way home from work:

knife juggler on the mile 03

knife juggler on the mile 06

knife juggler on the mile 07

fire juggling

Now that the clocks have gone back to GMT its fully dark by the time I leave work. Coming home one evening when it was unusually mild (and dry!) I decided on a whim to take a different route and walk up the Royal Mile, digging my camera out of my bag thinking I may get a couple of street night shots; in a slice of pure lucky chance I happened on a fire juggler on the cobbled pedestrianised section of street outside the Fringe office. Obviously I’ve seen and taken plenty of pics of jugglers chucking around all sorts of things from knives to firesticks around this spot during the Festival, but not usually this late in the year and at night; certainly made the use of fire look far more dramatic being dark!
fire on the streets

Of course as I was walking home from work I didn’t have the tripod with me, so I had to make do; to be honest I think half the many night shots I have on my Flickr are improvised, spur of the moment affairs rather than done when I’ve gone out deliberately with the tripod to do some night work. One of the advantages of digital is you are willing to take chances improving a shot since you’re not wasting money and film if it doesn’t work. And in this case since he was moving around and the fiery ropes he was holding were also swirling around I doubt a tripod would have made much difference here, he and they would still be streaked and blurred, but even so its worth taking the shot for the subject even if the pic isn’t as sharp as I’d normally try for; as Lee Harvey Oswald once said, sometimes you just have to take the shot. And its fun when the city offers up a little surprise like this; if I had gone home my normal route I’d never have seen this, it was just a sudden whim to go this way.
fire on the streets 2