The Twilight Zone

Dusk Fades Softly Into Night 01

Walking home along the Union Canal at Fountainbridge – as March moves on the sunset is a little later each evening, so as I have been heading home from work I’ve caught the extended dusk, the tail end of Blue Hour, when the streetlights have come on, the eastern sky is already darkening, but the western sky still holds some pale blue light and hints of reds and purples from the sun that has just dipped below the horizon.

Dusk Fades Softly Into Night 03

Evening Classes

I took these using the little mini-tripod, the type with the bendy legs. It’s only 3 inches high, and obviously doesn’t give the scope my main tripod can, but unlike that one, this fits into my satchel! Handy when I want to catch low-light or night shots but not have to carry the big tripod around town. Being to tiny I have to use other things to try and raise the height on it, so sitting it on the side of the bridge, or on a bench by the canal. It doesn’t replace my big tripod, but it is a very handy wee addition.

Ghosts Pass Under The Bridge Of Night

I always love the “ghost” effect caused by moving people when making a long exposure!

Colourful Dusk

This last one wasn’t taken with the main camera and the mini tripod – this was actually taken with my phone camera, as I walked home. I didn’t really expect it to come out, but thought I would try – I set the timer mode, and then steadied it as best I could, sitting the phone on the edge of the bridge. Quite suprised by the result.

A home afloat

Dusk, walking home along the old Union Canal near where the huge Scottish & Newcastle Brewery used to dominate the area (now all gone, the large brownfield site being redeveloped, just as the canal has been already). As well as new wharfs and new buildings at the end of the canal and holiday barges (and even a floating restaurant barge) there are also folks living year round on barges, using them as house-boats, right in the centre of the city – how cosy do they look against the gathering chill of evening fall?

After dark

I field tested my rather spiffing new winter coat today by walking around for several hours from dusk into early evening with the tripod, taking some night shots of Edinburgh despite it being bloody freezing, new coat kept me nice and snug. Shot almost a gig of photographs so it will take a while to work through them, some landmark type pics, other everyday, or, in this case, everynight scenes, meant to spend an hour, ended up walking about for nearly 3 hours till I was back my end of town, stop into the local for a quick beer and warm up then home. Sorted a handful of pics from that large batch, here’s dusk this evening in Edinburgh, sun already set for a while, but still colour in the sky and that ‘gloaming’quality of twilight over the city as I stood on the Mound:

the sun has set

The huge dome of West Register House in Charlotte Square (near neighbour to the First Minister’s official residence), silhoutted against the western horizon just afte sunset, again shot from the Mound:

west register house, sunset silhouette

Looking east this time, down towards Princes Street and the magnificent Gothic rocket of the Scott Monument:

Scott Monument and Princes Street, just after sunset 01

Close up zoom to the Scott Monument’s first floor, if you click to go to my Flickr page with this and look at the bigger version you can make out the stained glass windows which is in a narrow but incredibly tall room:

Scott Monument and Princes Street, just after sunset 03