Rules of Attraction

Caught Roger Averys belated return to directing after his fall-out with Tarentino. The Rules of Attraction – most unusual adaptation of an author I really don’t like much (Brett Easton Ellis, a vastly over-rated hack). It is good to see Avery back in the saddle and he has produced one of those rarities – a move far superior to the source novel.

James Van Der Beek (Dawson) as a self-centred bad boy – and wee brother of the main character of American Psycho – is interesting, playing against type. Plenty of liitle touces, such as TVs showing classic movies such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the backgrounds to remind you of his Dawsons Creek movie buff character. Avery uses a clever system of cross-flowing narrative following each character from the opening moment then reversing time. The result is visually interesting and creates an amazing structure, allowing us to see how self-absorbed these people are in their own spoiled lives, yet how often they crossover and influence others without noticing. Similar use of audio and soundtrack effects to augment the visuals on screen. Gross, funny, humorous, cynical – pretty good stuff and very well made. Welcome back, Roger.