Making music on the Mound

Walking through Edinburgh on the way home from work the other evening and came across this trio on the Mound, right by Princes Street Gardens, in the space next to the Royal Scottish Academy. They are called Marama and consisted of two drummers and a bagpiper, kicking out the jams to a fabulous beat, folk music but with a more modern edge, which reminded me of bands like Shooglenifty we used to go to see back in our student days who took Scots and Irish folk music but reworked it in a modern style (we danced all night to those, irresistible beat).

They were having a ball, drummers whacking away and the piper frequently dancing around them both as the beat rolled out across the city and the crowd cheered along.

Great fun to come across things like this just ambling home, another sign of moving properly into spring and summer (despite the weather!) as street performers start to appear more often.

And here’s a short video clip of them in action – sorry, being a street scene the audio isn’t that great and doesn’t do them justice really, but was only way I could try and grab at least a bit of of their sound to share:

Piping in the spring?

Easter piping by the Castle 013

Out for a stroll round the city centre today, heard bagpipe music – live this time, not the awful canned stereotypical ‘Scottish’ music those dreadful ‘tartan tat’ shops (which keep multiplying) insist on playing on speakers outside their windows of dire tourist rubbish (they are the bane of Edinburgh dweller’s lives, we loath them). Walked over the apalling mess the tram works have made of Princes Street and down into the Gardens to find pipe band playing in the Ross Bandstand, then when other performers came on they moved over towards the fountain end of the Gardens and started playing again, to the delight of the tourists (and me, of course I had the camera with me, so snappy snappy, shame the light was so poor, very overcast, dark day). But there you go, highland dress, bagpipes and Edinburgh Castle, can you get much more shortbread tin image of Scotland than that?

The pipers were joined by some Scottish country dancers – the younger girl (in the tartan skirt) had the biggest smile through it all.

Easter piping by the Castle 04

Easter piping by the Castle 06

Piping away!

Easter piping by the Castle 015

This one isn’t as sharp as I hoped for but I took several trying to be clever and frame this young piper girl between the pipes of her colleague with his back to me, but as he bobbed around in time to the music it meant he was moving all the time and it was click, nope, click, nope, never quite in frame, finally got one – not too sharp but close enough, it’ll do!

Easter piping by the Castle 016