Autumn arrives

Autumn is really making itself felt as we move into late September; chillier in mornings and evenings now, although still quite pleasant temperatures in the main part of the day. Glorious, golden autumn sunlight quite often, and on those days it brings out the colours as the trees begin to turn, and it’s just utterly beautiful.

The Red And The Blue

Autumn Arrives At Holy Corner

With such lovely autumn sunshine, people were making the most of it, enjoying pavement cafe culture in Bruntsfield, before the weather and temperatures slide further and it becomes too uncomfortable to sit outside the cafes and bars (at least not without a coat on!).

Bruntsfield On An Autumn Afternoon 03

Bruntsfield On An Autumn Afternoon 04

Bruntsfield On An Autumn Afternoon 02

As always, you can click on the pics to see the far larger version on the Woolamaloo Flickr stream – now well north of 24, 000 photos!

Autumn scenes

Autumnal scenes grabbed by my camera this year:

Conker Season 01

Conkers hanging heavy on the bough by the old boneyard on Dalry Road

Morning Light

Morning light illuminating leaves on my walk to work

Crab Apple

Autumnal crab apples

Autumn On The Links

Autumn colours on Bruntsfield Links

(as ever click on the pics to see the larger versions on my Flickr)