Fourteen Actors Acting

I really like this video piece from the New York Times, Fourteen Actors Acting. It’s a look at classic screen types and I love the style – it’s almost like a cool black and white photo shoot, except it’s moving video, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms. Which it sort of is, but you know what I mean, it has that oh so cool B&W studio portraits of an actor feel to it, except it’s moving images, and the photography, directed by Solve Sundsbo, is beautifully crisp and clear and the lighting just right for each scene, go and check it out.

(still of Natalie Portman from one of the vignettes, (c) NYT)

Film Festival – celeb spotting

The red carpet on the opening night gala for this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. Saw them setting up as I walked home from work this week so I stopped to watch. Sorry, the pics aren’t the best quality as I had to stand on the other side of the road with all the pro media lot in the way, but you takes what you can at these things – still a fun thing to see on your way home from work! All the best celebs come to my part of town, you know 🙂 Click on the pics to see the bigger versions on the Woolamaloo Flickr.

Alan Cumming at Film Fest 5

Alan Cumming – boy he’s come a long way since his Victor and Barry days when we saw him back in the old Mayfest in Glasgow.

Edinburgh Film Festival opening night 5

Director Sam Mendes on the red carpet.

Sean Connery arrives 6

Sir Sean Connery returns from some sun-kissed foreign golf course to be with his chosen people (for as long as the tax avoidance allows!). I always think it must feel a bit odd to him when he comes every year (and to be fair to him he always supports the EIFF) as this cinema in the city’s Fountainbridge area, built over part of the old S&N Brewery, is right next to where Sean’s childhood home stood. He grew up on these streets, now each year he returns as the most famous living Scotsman.