Pictures on the Beeb

Rather than end my last post of 2008 before I go out with such a downer as the previous one (I wanted to write something more positive but it just ain’t there inside me right now), here’s one very little piece of nicer news – the BBC News site has used another of my photographs (that’s three now, I think) in their weekly In Pictures feature in the Scottish section, it’s the eighth one in on the slideshow, taken during the German market just before Christmas on the Mound. In fact its the very one I posted on here just a few days ago (I’d repost it here but Blogger, as is often the case, is refusing to upload images again like it does several times a week, grrr, but you can see it full size on my Flickr).

Update, got it to bloody load the pic at last, click to go to the bigger version on Flickr:

Edinburgh - German Christmas market 1