Memories of summer

Some memories of last summer, found some pics from the summer months I hadn’t processed and uploaded yet and the dark nights of winter seemed like a good time to post up some images from the sunnier days (yes, we do get the odd sunny day even in Scotland). Here’s a very bright, sunny day on the busy promenade at Portobello (Edinburgh beach front area of town), serving up lovely, cold ice-cream on a hot day right by the beach:

ice cream at the beach 01

Sailing off the coast of North Berwick last summer, just passing the harbour mouth:

sailing at North Berwick 07

Sailing past the islands of the Firth of Forth by North Berwick on a bright but breezy day:

sailing at North Berwick 02

Bright day, glowing sky, just a few, fluffy clouds over the estate at Penicuik House – the country house itself is slowly being renovated decades after a fire gutted it, this building is actually the remodelled stables the family moved to after the fire:

Penicuik House 06

Colourful summer: foxgloves on the country walk through the estate to Penicuik House:

memories of summer 02