Looking Glass Books

Looking Glass Books 01

There’s a very nice new independent small bookstore opened up in Edinburgh, Looking Glass Books, in one of the new structures in the Quartermile, the redeveloped former Royal Infirmary (which is a mix of the old buildings which have been renovated into high-end apartments and brand new, modern structures, mix of apartments, offices, cafes and now a wee bookstore). I liked the way the shelves were arranged to make the books much more browsable and encourage you to pick them up, rather than just trying to shove as many as possible onto a shelf. They also did something I used to do a lot in my former bookstore, lots of personal staff recommendations, with little personal mini-reviews on bands around the books from the staff, which I know from personal experience appeals to a lot of readers. Very nice cafe in the bookstore too, with very yummy cakes!

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