Walking down at Portobello and we saw a pair of fab small hovercraft having fun on the water – and the land too, since they can just come straight on out of the sea onto the beach as they please.

hovering around Porty 01

And look, right up onto the beach, no having to jump out of a boat and stick your feet into the cold waters of the Forth to push it up onto the surfline, oh no, just straight on up:

hovering around Porty 02

hovering around Porty 04

And a very short video giving an idea of the noise (one of the owners left a comment on my Flickr page later to say it was super noisy that day because of an exhaust break – apparently they were up and down the coast and even out to the islands in the Forth where they could go right up the beach to stop there for a while easily in the hovercraft then back out to sea again – very cool!)

3 thoughts on “Hovercraft!

  1. Were they full of Eels?

    I remember seeing my first hovercraft when I was about 6 or 7, all my toy cars started turning corners in the slidey way hovercraft do from then on.

    I’d love to have a go in one!

  2. Pete, yeah, I’ve loved them since I was a kid too, they seemed to be common back in the 70s from small ones to the giant hover ferries and the ones the Marines used, and of course Jon Pertwee playing with one in Doctor Who just made them even cooler.

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