Fuck me, Ray Bradbury

Love this very rude but very funny (and very NSFW) pop video by Rachel Bloom paying rather sexy homage to the great Ray Bradbury and a bit of book humping. Very naughty, but then what do you expect from a song by a huge-chested singer with a title like “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury”? Some good use of Ray’s book titles in the lyrics, bet he never expected them to be used in quite this manner, although I daresay the late Philip Jose Farmer would have loved someone to do this with his books. (via Christopher Cooksey on Facebook):

One thought on “Fuck me, Ray Bradbury

  1. Rachel is a really talented young lady that I got to interview recently on The Cultdom Collective Podcast.
    She has trained artistically & should go far as an actress, singer and standup comedian.

    Cheers, Dave C. (daveac online)

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