Fringe time

The Edinburgh Festival moves into full swing with the International Festival and Book Festival joining the Fringe which has been going for a week already. The city centre is bursting at the seams between tourists (which we have all the year round, more in the summer, of course) and and Festival goers – the city’s population practically doubles during August. Just trying to walk home from work of an evening is a nightmare, the streets are jam packed and most of the folks are moving slowly so it can be quite frustrating when you are trying to get around your normal working day, it’s not so bad when you are off and can relax and enjoy the vibe. That said it does give ma some good opportunities for some street shots on the way home, walking up the Royal Mile where a section of kept for performers to big up their shows, from handing out flyers to actually performing segments of their shows on the street or on tiny stages, to attract audiences, and with thousands of shows running the month you have to work to get your show noticed and get those bums on seats.

Fringe 2010 - big wheel unicycle

Performers range from unicyclers and jugglers to singers, musicians, comedy acts, plays, magic, dancing, it’s pretty much all there and you can get a great taster of it walking the Mile.

Fringe 2010 - Red Cello 04

These guys were walking in super slow motion up the Mile (still pic, so you will have to take my word for it!), which did mean for a change with street shots I had time to get in position and get off a few shots. I’ve mentally named the guy on the rear left here ‘Igor’. I think he looks like an Igor from some mad scientist lab.

Fringe 2010 - the slow walking men in white 03

I passed the stilt-walking puppet master with his human marionette again last night, love their act – the girl is very expressive – and when I put some shekels in their collection box she blew me a kiss! I’m in there 🙂

Fringe 2010 - like a puppet on a string 011

We even have saucy space vixens in fab retro futuristic silver space garb and sexy silver space boots!

Fringe 2010 - Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens 01

Sometimes wardrobe accidents happen – this poor woman’s braces have clearly become caught on something:

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 019

We even have Batman, presumably over on a Scottish motorbiking holiday:

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 016

You’re never too old to bike!

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 015

Electra Glide in (Saltire) Blue?

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 011

We even saw a greener alternative to the hideously expensive, over budget, over time and disruptive tram system they are (failing) to build in Edinburgh – we shall all commute in giant hamster wheels! Although one friend suggested actually this made the guy looked like he was a character on a tarot card.

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 01

We even have zombies!
zombies in Edinburgh 06

and very sexy Little Mermaids with the Princesses show:

Fringe 2010 - Princess Cabaret 04