Current listening: Hollywood, Mon Amour

Currently listening to a very cool album, Hollywood Mon Amour (two or three film references in one, which appeals to a film fiend like me), although when I tell you it consists of songs from popular 80s movies you’ll probably be thinking, hold on, Joe, how the hell can that be cool? Well, I admit it has more than a couple of tracks which I loathed in their original forms, like the theme song from Arthur (“When you get caught between the moon and New York City, I know its crazy, but its true..”) or the bloody awful Eye of the Tiger from Rocky. But here I like them. Here they are very different. They have been reworked by Marc Collin, producer for the ultra cool Nouvelle Vague (another movie reference) using a number of artists and like the covers Nouvelle Vague perform they are very, very different from the originals, hip, and cool. Check the site out where you can hear some samples from the album.