Pink Martini – Lily

Melanie’s really got me into Pink Martini recently, I’ve been totally grooving on their albums Hey, Eugene, Hang on, Little Tomato and Sympathique, with an intoxicating mixture of styles, themes and even different languages on some songs (Spanish, French, Italian, English and more). Check them out, your ears will thank you. This is them performing ‘Lily’; it makes me want to grab someone and dance…

Popeye Vs Anime

Two separate cartoon cultures clash as Popeye comes face to face with Anime and has a similar reaction many folks not clued up in the genre have – what the heck is this? Warning, contains scenes of silliness, violence and spinach.

BBC on YouTube

The Beeb has been posting material to YouTube, higher quality than usual, although it isn’t that great a mix so far to be honest – a lot of it is very short clips that were trailers for programmes shown on TV or the BBC websites before and I’m damned annoyed they blocked the embedding function which rather undermines the notion of YouTube and people sharing videos by embedding them on their sites and blogs. Still, they did have this clip from Mock The Week which is worth a look where the comedians compete to come up with unlikely lines for given situations.

Painted faces

How lovely is this brief trip through the history of Western portraiture: 500 years of female portraits, from Da Vinci to Pablo Picasso, morphing into one another, accompanied by a cello suit from Bach.