Enquiring minds

Nope, we don’t need a full, independent, public enquiry into the new revelations that the intelligence services seem to have ballsed up a chance to stop the London bombings before they happened, sez Tony Blair. We don’t need an independent, public enquiry into the real reasons why I lied, mislead and cajoled and tricked us into war, sez Tony. No, we don’t need to have public knowledge of the attorney general’s legal advice over the legality of the war, sez Tony. Hey, why is it everyone wants me gone and no-one trusts me? asks Tony.

Wouldn’t you love this odious, wriggling, untrustworthy war criminal git to stand right in front of one of the maimed survivors of the July bombings, look them in the eye and tell them why there shouldn’t be an enquiry? Do you think if he tried to tell the truth his head would explode?