Occupy Edinburgh

Occupy Edinburgh at night 04

The Occupy Edinburgh campaign continues, despite recent nasty weather like the high storms, the winter cold and now Christmas approaching, respect to them for keeping it going. Few nocturnal shots coming home from work the other evening, no tripod with me as I had been at work so improvised, sitting camera on conveniently flat topped railings around the square and using the timer to try and get a steady enough platform for a night shot in a pretty dark space. Does limit the angles you can have to shoot though, but still, beggars can’t be choosers and it did work. I like the ‘ghost’ effect on the left hand side as someone walks along the path while the shutter is open for a couple of minutes trying to drink in as much of the scant light as it can:

Occupy Edinburgh at night 02

Occupy Edinburgh at night 03

The banner is a little blurred here as the wind was making it billow while I had to keep the shutter open for a couple of minutes to let enough of the light in, so parts of it aren’t too sharp; still that gives it a certain kinetic quality of movement, I suppose:
Occupy Edinburgh at night 01

Free your mind, style monkey

I love this story on Boing Boing – a man bought an Ipod for his daughter for Christmas, but when she opened the box instead of the over-priced product there was a note, written in classic ‘ransom note’ style of cut-up newspaper lettering, reading: “Reclaim your mind from the media’s shackles. Read a book and resurect [sic] yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple store.” When they returned to the store it transpired others had the same experience. I think if this had happened to me I’d have rather mixed feelings – annoyed but also quite amused at the same time. Mind you it would be more appropriate for the Iphone, really, wouldn’t it? Not that I dislike the product (in fact it looks quite cool), just the mercenary (and anti-competitive) way Apple screw their loyal customers (and also stupid fashion junkie monkeys) with over-inflated costs and tying them to a single service provider, which seems to me to be so anti that freedom Apple was originally supposed to be about…