Playing statues

The latest Doctor Who was a cracker, a nice, tight little haunted house story which had a lovely, creepy atmosphere (well, as much as they could get away with at 7pm on a family show). Weeping angel statues which are actually aliens who can only move when no-one is looking at them – blink and they cross the space between you in a heartbeat only to turn back into stone as your eyes open again… Coming on the back of Paul Cornell’s two-part Human Nature story which managed to mix up elements of ‘If..’ with World War I, a very touching romantic subplot and a look at the emotional cost it takes to be the Hero, verging onto Joseph Campbell territory – add in a great performance from David Tennant (his anguished ‘normal human’ persona demanding to know why he has to give up his life and love to go back to being this brave, heroic but lonely Doctor who saves the day was brilliant) and Martha proving to be pretty much his equal and taking charge when she needed to and you had a great story. Just a shame Human Nature was set in 1913 Britain and not France, then she could have been in a French Maid’s uniform instead… Three great episodes on the trot and this weekend sees the return of Captain Jack! Yay! Still on the Who theme, we added some brand new action figures to the FPI webstore in the last week with characters from the current season of the show, including a Martha Jones figure. I may need to make some more space on my desk.