Parcelforce – the sorry saga continues

Finally I get a reply from the useless lot at the Royal Mail’s Parcelforce acknowledging the problem, asking for my details (you know, the details they had originally but need again because, well, guessing incompetence same as the delivery driver and the original folks who were supposed to look into it and get back to me) and promising to begin an investigation (no, I’m not holding my breath and anyway, the parcel is almost certainly lost for good thanks to the sheer idiocy and incompetence of their driver abandoning it outside). And hey, this time it only took two further angry emails and two more weeks before they actually replied. At this rate perhaps I will get some information by Easter. This whole sorry mess has been going on now since the 21st of December and so far these eejits haven’t even been able to tell me who sent the package so I know who to contact to tell them what happened. Their customer service levels appear to be about as competent as their driver proved to be; at least they are consistent.