On the nature of appeals

Well folks not quite there yet, but we’re almost there. Paul, my RBA union rep called me this morning to say that the company had been in touch again. We actually received a letter regarding the appeal last week but as it was subject to ongoing negotiations between the union and the HR dept I hope you’ll all understand I couldn’t really talk about it on the blog, although it was a positive letter.

From this morning’s call it sounds like we’re hopefully going to be wrapping this whole episode up very shortly and, I am pleased to say, in a manner which is mutually amicable. Sorry to be such a tease, but I promise I will post to let you all know the full outcome as soon as I can, but I did want you all to know that it seems to be going very well from both sides.


I had a most peculiar email the other day there from the National Library of Scotland. They, along with the National Library of Wales and the British Library are involved in a project called the UK Web Archiving Consortium, archiving (as the name rather implies) selected sites from the various kingdoms which make up the UK. They were asking for permission to archive a version of the Woolamaloo as a Scottish site of interest.

Well, as you can imagine I was as surprised as the man who ordered smoked kippers for breakfast only to be given a suffocating fish and a packet of ciggies. My poor flabber has been somewhat gasted, to say the least and I think I will humbly respond in the affirmative, while maintaining my right to mutter ‘wow’ and ‘huh?’ as the occassion warrants. Tell me, guys, is it just me or is that one of those events that just makes you go ‘what?’ in a bemused fashion?

There was also a little flurry of press attention again at the end of last week. I’m told I was in the List (the indispensable Glasgow & Edinburgh what’s on guide, which also has a very good comics and graphic novels section in the books review pages) and the Edinburgh Evening News ran a nice follow up story covering my move to Forbidden Planet. You can’t see it on the online version but the picture clearly had the Gandalf standup lurking in the background. I’m sure Sir Ian wouldn’t mind.

BBC Radio Five Live had me for a short interview which was more on work and blog matters in general rather than my own experience specifically and a photographer from the Independent came to take a pic for an article being written by Michael for this Wednesday’s edition, which again is on blogging and work issues and not just on me (which I’m sure is a relief to everyone tired of reading about it). I still feel a bit silly posing for pics and it is still very odd to read about or see yourself in the papers. Perhaps I should get a stylist. Although I suspect I’d require an army of stylists to try and do a make-over on me and even then they’d have their work cut out. Oh well – to thine own self be true as they say.

And in a bit of late-breaking news my old mate at Nil Desperandum who works for a major mental health charity tells me that The Third Force, a weekly newspaper from the SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations) featured the old Gazette this week as well. I’m still rather amazed at the way this has gone around.