Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker Doctor Who figures

Obviously the new version of Doctor Who has commanded the lion’s share of recent BBC-licensed merchandise, but over the last year or so they’ve been slowly adding action figures from the classic Doctor Who (including Tom Baker and Peter Davison figures – Tom’s figure is currently grinning those big teeth on my desk, I couldn’t resist it). The latest one to be announced is the late, great Jon Pertwee from the mid 70s Who era, possibly the finest dandy Time Lord ever to rock a velvet jacket and frilly shirt 🙂 This one is from the episode The Green Death, set in Wales, the one where Katy Manning’s Jo Grant left the show and has Pertwee’s flamboyant Who complete with some of the giant maggots that grew out of the toxic green waste.

Of course, these days the title ‘The Green Death’ would probably be a thriller about fundamentalist eco warriors assassinating people like Jeremy Clarkson, but hey, that would probably be an enjoyable film… Sticking with the mid 70s Who there is also a Pyramid of Mars era Tom Baker figure coming soon; robotic mummies murdering, Sarah Jane, Mars and Sutekh the Destroyer, one of my favourite Baker stories.