Jezza shoots himself in the foot

Not for the first time Jeremy Clarkson has managed to shoot himself in the foot then put that foot in his big mouth. Writing in that most odious of tabloid rags, the Sun, he waffled on smugly about how the enormous loss of private date belonging to some 25 million citizens by the government late last year was all a load of rubbish and a panic about nothing. And to prove that confidential data couldn’t be used against people he published his own banking account details and other information in his column for all to read. And guess what? The stupid bastard got stung! Someone took that information and fraudulently set up a direct debit for 500 pounds to the charity Diabetes UK. Numpty. Although to give Jezza his due, when he does something bloody stupid at least he admits he was, as his colleague James May might say, “a prize clot.”