National motto

Should the UK have a national motto? Since this idea of Gordon Brown’s was first floated the Prime Eejit has distanced himself, saying that this wasn’t actually his intent. Frankly I go with the Jim Hacker rule – when a politician denies something like this it normally means it is true. It seems a curiously old-fashioned idea which belongs to times past when governments and other institutions – education, religion, the monarchy, even the arts – tried their best to create a single idea of national unity. It was cobblers then, a pure fiction and one that would be badly misused too often (such as being used as a rallying point for the slaughter of the Great War, which is, ironically, when a lot of people really started to see it for the insidious nonsense that it is). To try and forge some sort of national identity in this day of multi-cultural societies, international travel and trans-border culture and communication seems simply stupid and as archaic as John Major’s famously daft speech extolling a Britain of cricket on the village green and old ladies cycling to Evensong services at the parish church.

Still, no reason we can’t have a little fun with the idea, though, is it? America has ‘In God We Trust’, which is actually fairly recent (only brought in during the 50s) and still controversial since church and state are supposed to be strictly seperate. Not to mention the fact they have ended up with mentally defective retard monkeys like George Dubyah Bush and Ronald Reagan being in charge of the country gives you the inkling that such trust in god may be misplaced… France has ‘liberty, egality, fraternity’ (unless you’re an immigrant from the former colonies in which case it is ‘fuck off and live in squalor in a crap overspill development’). But what motto would suit a United Kingdom which has parts which would rather be the Untied Kingdom (apologies to my mate James Lovegrove for borrowing a title from one of his excellent novels, I’m sure he’ll forgive me using it)? Here are a few of my ideas, feel free to make your own suggestions:

Britain – please queue here

(this emphasises on of our great national characteristics and at the same time serves to educate those damned foreigners like Italians who seem to have no concept of queueing much to the fury of Britons when they walk in front of us at a big line. Although we are too polite to tell them off for it, preferring to mumble in low tones to our queueing neighbours)

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

(uplifting and inspiring in hard times and a reminder of one of our great cultural gifts to the world)

Nice weather for ducks

(we probably should have a motto that reflects our national obsession with weather. Others don’t understand why we have this obsession, but it is simply because we have so much endlessly changing weather, sometimes having sunshine, rain, hail and snow within the same afternoon)

Full up

(one for the xenophobic Daily Mail readers to enjoy waving in front of the immigrant population)

Watch what you say or we’ll invade you next

(what a lot of right wing numpties would love)

Britain – now available in HiDef

(perhaps we need one which celebrates our technological achievements)

Britain – Press red button for more information

(for our cabled up digital age)

Five a day!

(to help boost the UK’s health)

I think I’ll stick to our own Scottish national motto as seen above the gates to Edinburgh Castle: nemo me impune lacessit, roughly translated as no-one touches me with impunity or, as would be more the case these days, we’re friendly folks but don’t piss us or you’re for a kickin’.