Win Wyndham

Over on the FPI blog we’ve got a competition running just now to win five newly reprinted editions of one of the classic British SF authors’ book – Penguin have given us two sets of five John Wyndham novels, Midwich Cuckoos, the Chrysalids (which we’ve just done recently in the Edinburgh SF Book Group I set up a few years back), Day of the Triffids, The Kraken Wakes and The Trouble With Lichen, all boasting very modern, new covers. The competition runs until the end of this coming Sunday (26th October) – you do have to log into the main FP site to enter, but there’s no purchase necessary and it puts you in with a chance to win a set of novels by one of the important Brit writers of the 20th century by answering a pretty simple question.

Win signed books!

I used my book wheedling and scrounging skills (if I were in the Great Escape I’d be James Garner’s character) to procure a couple of the latest graphic novels from Rebellion, home of 2000AD for prizes for a competition at work. Rebellion started a new series last year collecting classic material with the Complete Judge Dredd Case Files, which collect all of Dredd’s adventures into chronological order, volume by volume, starting right back in 1977 (yes, I do have every volume so far – can’t help it, I grew up with 2000AD from the first issue – or ‘prog’ as they call them – and am a total fanboy still). They’ve been hugely successful, I’m glad to say and on the back of this they have launched new series doing the same for other classic 2000AD characters, in the same format so they will all build into a classic library of Brit comics on your shelves. Jon at Rebellion not only obtained the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Volume 5 for us, he got it signed by John Wagner and Alan Grant, two of the biggest names in British comics and the Complete Nemesis the Warlock Volume 1 signed by the equally legendary Pat Mills.

Incredibly collectible volumes for any fan to have on their shelves – I’m a bit jealous as I have these books myself but not signed! Anyway, with the 30th anniversary of 2000AD coming up in a couple of weeks (yes, it really is 30 years old) we have the competition to win these signed graphic novels running – details can be found on the (freshly made-over) FPI blog and the entry form (with oh-so-easy question to answer) is on the main FPI webstore; get those entries in by Wednesday 21st to be in with a chance of winning!