How to protect America from dangerous British politicians

Boing Boing has a story which is hilariously funny (and a bit disturbing) on so many levels it ain’t true – British Member of Parliament and government minister Shahid Malik, a Muslim, has been stopped for a second time by airport security in the USA. Airport security and immigration have never had the best rep )and US immigration always had a lousy rep for being officious and unfriendly) and since 9-11 they’ve been even worse, with some obviously delighting in abusing the extra (usually downright stupid) rules and powers they can wield – complain and they can make it even worse. They’ve even stopped a UN diplomat travelling on a white passport (which should clear customs almost immeaditely as far as I am aware), now the same British minister twice, presumably because he is Muslim.

The fact he is a member of America’s strongest ally’s government doesn’t seem to have entered into their minds and you have to assume if it is a second time then presumably their superiors don’t give a crap about insulting an allied government in this manner either, which makes you think what can any of us ordinary citizens expect when trying to enter America these days – not sure I’d care to travel there right now, to be honest. Ah, but it gets better – on both occasions the MP was in the US to take part in talks on how to co-operate more closely on fighting terrorism and tackling extremism! Talk about farcical… Don’t y’all feel safer with these fartknocker protecting borders?!?!? Strange we don’t often hear of US senators being harassed at UK immigration.