Autumn on the Water of Leith

Beautiful weather last weekend, so went for long walk along the Water of Leith with my chum, first time we’ve gone for a long walk like that since he lost his wonderful old dog, felt a little odd not to have Bruce trotting there with us, suddenly bumping into him as he’d stop without warning to investigate an especially fascinating scent he’d noticed, nudging us occasionally to try and cadge a doggy biccy. We both needed out and a good long walk through this countryside route through the city was perfect – golden autumn sunlight on top of canopy while below on the path shadows cast by the trees, fallen leaves carpeting everywhere, we walked quite far, eventually left the path, passing a very old wee church, found a nice pub on the outskirts of town, relax for a while then walk back, pausing a couple of times on the way for some drinks then some food, an enjoyable day all in all. And naturally the camera came with me. More pics to follow when I have time, but here are a couple for now – the path of leaves leading to the kingdom of autumn:

the path of leaves leads to the kingdom of autumn

And we find, by the riverside, the ruins of the ancient temple of the fallen leaves of autumn:

the ruins of the temple of autumn