Alice in Wonderland trailer

There’s a very brief – but good quality – trailer for Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland now on YouTube. Sadly you’ll have to follow the link as embedding has been disabled for it, which always annoys the hell out of me – if you are going to share a video publicly via YouTube then you obviously want people to see it; you do that best in the virtual world of the web by encouraging others to share it, the digital version of word of mouth and being able to embed makes sense for multimeda like trailers, blocking the function while still having it up publicly shows a PR firm who haven’t quite grasped the digital world and how to use it to share and include their client’s works with their audience. Still, the video looks amazing, as you might expect, Burton and Lewis Carroll being rather obvious bedfellows to my mind, although it may be slightly over-egged in the pudding department.

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