Kaloogian the Lying Klown

A Republican Congressional candidate with the unlikely name of Howard Kaloogian has been caught out by bloggers for indulging in the same sort of misleading (or what most of us would consider downright fibbing really) propoganda masquerading as fact which US and UK governments used to justify the war in the first place. As right wing nutters are wont to do , he rubbished media coverage of the violence in Iraq and produced a photograph of downtown Baghdad to illustrate how peaceful it actually is. Except resourceful bloggers identified the picture as being downtwon Istanbul in Turkey, which the unfortunately named Kaloogian has now admitted, but of course, he personally didn’t have anything to do with it being posted on his campaign site, even although he used it to demonstrate how peaceful he found Baghdad… Draw your own conclusions, but is it a surprise to find a politician – or even a wannabe politician – is somewhat economical with the truth.