Tibetans for Tigers

The Dalai Lama has called on Tibetans to stop fuelling the illegal and reprehensible trade in wild animal furs by buying so many of them – huge amounts of leopard, tiger and other animals have been slaughtered in India to supply Tibetans in recent years, pushing them to the edge of extinction, especially the tiger (surely one of the most magnificent animals in the world?).

His words seem to be having some effect with some Tibetan burning old skins, but this has lead those nice Chinese people who are ‘liberating’ Tibet (using the same system Bush used to liberate Iraq: roll in with huge armed forces and install your own puppet regime) apparently getting angry because – get this – burning skins looks like expressing support for the Dalai Lama… Perhaps given the piss-poor record China has on trading in endangered animals (often killing for only one small part of the animal) should give them pause to rethink that.

Then again, if they hadn’t invaded another nation and steam-rollered them into their own province they wouldn’t have to worry about the Dalai Lama’s ‘dangerous’ messages to his people. Oops, now Google, Microsoft, Yahoo et al will automatically censor this blog from Chinese browsers! Oh no! Still, saves the Chinese despots the trouble of having to censor free speech themselves when giant info corporations will happily do it and lick their ass clean at the same time. Hey, I just thought on a solution to both problems! Feed the heads of these self-censoring companies and the Chinese despots to the remaining wild tigers!