Bill Cosby – is he an arse?

Bill Cosby has put his lawyers onto a blogger who did a parody of his show online. The mere fact Cosby has been parodied and lampooned time and time again on the mass media in shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy and never batted an eye just makes it more bizarre that he would try and deny a web creator the same right – parody is fair use and not an infingement of copyright; if it was not then half our comedy shows would cease to exist.

I never got why Cosby was seen as such a comic genius myself – I’ve listened to his standups which are rambling, desperately unfunny and, to my ears, often incoherent (the man mumbles like a stroke victim half the time, for goodness sake) and his old TV show, beloved by millions, I thought tiresome, predictable and saccharine. But at least, I assumed, he had a sense of humour about himself and how he is perceived since he was so often lampooned on other popular shows and took the knocks. Now, as well as finding him as funny as a deceased halibut in my bed I’m left with the impression that he is an utter wankshaft