The Streets of Dublin

I don’t normally repeat too much from my work side of blogging at FPI on the Woolamaloo unless it is for something very good and interesting, like a good new book. But I think this fine Indy graphic novel from Gerry Hunt and Bren B looks terrific, with a very Will Eisner-esque flavour to Bren’s art. My mate Pádraig has been saying great things about them and their book The Streets of Dublin; I’m really pleased to say that we’ve organised a signing session for them at the Dublin branch of Forbidden Planet International on March 16th – the book is doing well in Dublin and should be getting distributed across the UK later in March, so here’s hoping this helps raise the profile of their work. I also just wanted an excuse to put up the poster Bren sent me today with his cool artwork on it – you can read more about it over on the FPI blog.