We had that Peter Tatchell in our bookstore today, buying from our SF section. A nice Greg Bear books, so obviously Peter is not only an SF fan but one with taste too boot. Many folks will recall the protests he held in Paris recently, especially over Mugabe’s visit. Protests that the French government tried to stymie illegally. Nice to see the leaders of other countries are just as prepared to subvert the democratic process when it suits them as our leaders are (see we all have so much in common!). It didn’t stop Peter of course, a veteran campaigner for gay rights, civil liberties and peace. We need more people like you, Peter, because there’s way too many of the bad guys out there, especially the ones who are pretending to be the good guys. He’s very welcome back in our store anytime. George Bush can bugger off, not that we’re likely to find him wanting to buy a book in our store. Not the most literary man in the world, is he? A shame in a way as I could direct him to some excellent Noam Chomsky books on the post 9-11 world, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (about the Florida election debacle) and of course, Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men. Maybe Uncle Dick could read it to him sometime and Condaleeza Rice could take time out from having oil tankers named after her (will they name the oil slick after her if it bursts on the Alaska coast too?) to help them with the very big words.