Hurrah – Wallace and Gromit sweeps the board at the Annies awards! Details and link posted over on the FPI blog. And since we’re on the animation subject I found this site via Boing Boing. It is home to some fabulous computer animations from Ron Fedkiw at Stanford. The water animations are especially astonishing.

Award-Winning Books

Well, award short-listed at any rate (although several of the authors listed here are award winners for previous works). The Arthur C Clarke and the BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) awards shortlists both came out recently. They are the pre-eminent literary awards for SF published in the UK, but most of the regular booktrade and media tend to ignore them, although they spend plenty of time on just about every other book award. Well, more fool them – they are missing on good sales and their customers on good books. My online colleagues and I just finished putting together some display pages on the FPI site to promote the nominees, so if you are looking for something good to pick up, have a look – again there are more details and links over here on the FPI blog (“here’s a blog I posted earlier”!).