Cycle dog

Coming out of the dark winter night I saw something a bit unusual on the road. I could see two small headlamps, but not far enough apart to be on a car but too far apart to be on a motorbike. As I get closer I can see a figure behind the lights – looks like a cyclist… Gets a little closer and passes under a streetlight and I see what it actually was: a cyclist and his dog out for an evening ride! The bicycle had some sort of metal cage for the dog mounted over two wheels at the front of the bike, complete with headlamps. The dog looked quite content; mind you he wasn’t the one who was having to pedal them both uphill. The nearest I ever got was back in my student days when Zag used to wait for me to cycle home and run alongside my bike; a few times he bounded over and leapt on the pannier with a mighty mieow to ride down the street with me.