I spotted this link via the good offices of Boingboing today – it’s a fantastic use of Flash animation and well worth a visit.


A report on the BBC notes that a pristine condition movie poster for the silent classic Metropolis has set a record at auction – selling for £397, 762. Wow, I wonder how much my original Trainspotting movie poster is worth? Would the Blue-tack marks enhance the value? I like the way this happened right after the new design for the Cybermen was revealed for the next series of Doctor Who – is it just me or does it look like Maria from Metropolis and Robocop had a baby? Judging by the hips I have to assume the new Cybermen have the silicon version of cellulite and, I assume, huge cyber-bums. I’m picturing paranpoid Cybermen asking the Doctor if their bums look big in their new outfits…