“R – e – s – p – e – c – t,
George get’s none from the Sentate Committee…”

Not a big fan of George I have to say; I liked his anti-war stance but I’m always left with a distinct impression that he’s rather full of himself. The US committee says he lied under oath to them, but let’s face it, no-one has actually seen this new ‘evidence’ and we all know that supposed evidence can be produced (just look at all that ‘evidence’ they produced to justify the war after all). He certainly didn’t perform very well on Channel 4 News this evening though, but that doesn’t mean he has actually done something wrong, but this tactic of saying he has and that there is proof (which no-one has seen) certainly slings mud at him.

Gee, if I was cynical I might think the US had nothing on him at all but had hit on a way to discredit him, hoping some of that mud might stick. Nothing to do with the fact George ran rings round Senator Coleman and made him look like an eejit in public, of course… Whatever his faults George is not someone you want to cross verbal swords with and Coleman is quite obviously not in his class, but I’m sure his public humiliation didn’t influence him at all. And anyway, why would George need to embezzle funds? Surely he has had more than enough from all his libel wins over the years??