Top movie

The final weekend of the Edinburgh International Film Festival has begun and its getting pretty tense in the voting stakes for the Standard Life Audience Awards. For qualifying movies the audiences are handed a voting slip before the film which you can use and hand back afterwards, ripping off the insert for the relevant choice, eg ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘poor’, ‘Michael Winner’ (okay, I made the last one up, but if anyone from the EIFF is reading this it would be a good choice to add to the slips!). Good idea to rip off a tab as well – no fumbling for pens in a darkened auditorium.

Unsurprisingly Joss Whedon has commanded a lot of solid support and Serenity has been riding around the top spot a lot over this week but in the latest update it has been knocked off with South African gang-drama Tsotsi taking the number one spot while Serenity goes to number two and MirrorMask number three, so in the final two days it really is everything to play for:

2. Serenity
3. Mirrormask
4. Mad Hot Ballroom
5. On a Clear Day
6. Land of the Dead
7. Saraband
8. Kinky Boots
9. The Beat that My Heart Skipped
10. Wah-Wah