Things that have been making me think

Why is there a regular aroma of French Toast in the stairwell of my tenement? Almost every day this last week at all sorts of different times I’ve sniffed the distinct smell of someone cooking French Toast. I like French Toast but obviously one of my neighbours really loves it. Or they have a really unusual air freshner.

Why have I had a recurring short dream where the theme to Bonanza is being played on an electric guitar with a Wah Wah pedal?

Why has the theme for Hawaii Five-O been going through my head during the waking times, along with the urge to imitate the native canoeists in the opening credit through the medium of mime?

Is it too late to stage a one-man show at the Fringe about a man trying to create his own graphic novel based upon a musician who plays Bonanza on an electric guitar with a Wah Wah pedal while secretly worrying he should be miming canoeing to the theme fromHawaii Five-O? Hey, I’ve seen worse at the Fringe! And maybe I could sell the idea to Fantagraphics. Or if I add a schoolgirl who turns into a super-powered kitten when she wears magic panties to the mix I could make a Manga of it.